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The course catalogue

All courses offered at TU Berlin are listed in the course catalogue, the Vorlesungsverzeichnis. You can  find it  on the net.

All courses are listed according to faculties and departments.

Next to the title of the course and a brief description of its content you will find the course number (e.g. 0150 L 10) as well as an abbreviation for the course type.

Generally the credit points ("Leistungspunkte") are listed as ECTS credits. One "Leistungspunkt" equals one ECTS credit point.

Some departments also publish the so called Kommentierte Vorlesungsverzeichnisse where all courses are described in detail. Please have a look here.

You may also look for courses by using the following search option.

Since the catalogue for the upcoming semesters is not available yet, you should refer to those for past semesters. The changes from one summer semester to another or from winter semester to winter semester are usually very small.

A guideline for the use of the online course catalogue can be found here (PDF, 318,3 KB).

Should you have questions concerning contents and requirements of certain courses please turn to the academic advising units for the specific study courses. A list with email contacts of almost all academic advising units can be found here.

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Language of Instruction

Most lectures are given in German. Exchange students are therefore expected to have notions of German on the completed A2 level in order to be able to study at TU Berlin and should attend the intensive German courses offered at TU Berlin's Center for Modern Languages (ZEMS).

There is, however, a growing number of courses offered in English. Please look up the courses given in English online.

You can find a first overview in the following lists:

Courses in English summer semester 2018

Courses in English winter semester 2017/18

Last but not least, TU Berlin offers a few Master programs that are entirely taught in English. For a list please look here.

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Course Types

The most important types of instruction at TU Berlin are Vorlesungen (VL - lectures), Übungen (UE - Exercices), Seminare (SE or HS), Integrierte Veranstaltung (usually consisting of VL and UE), Projekte and Praktika (practical courses).

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Course Registration

In general, you do not have to register online for a course as this is done during the first week of lectures. You simply attend the first session and sign up in a list.

If, however, courses do require a prior registration, this will be stated in the course catalogue. You will also find information on where and when the registration takes place.  

Architecture Students
The presentation of the projects in the department of Architecture as well as the registration take place a week before the lectures begin.

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Courses at other Berlin Universities

As TU Berlin exchange students you also have to the opportunity to attend courses at the other Berlin universites. For that purpose you have to register with them as a guest student after your enrolment at TU Berlin:

Info Humboldt-Universität

Info Free University

Info Universität der Künste

Please keep in mind the limitations of the guest student status at these universities!

We are only able to list up to three courses you attended at other Berlin universities to your TU Berlin transcript!

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