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Since exchange students' grades are not centrally collected in the registrar's office you will get a course confirmation - a so-called "Schein" - for each course you have successfully attended. Normally you receive a Schein after an exam, seminar paper or presentation. You should ask you lecturer what is expected from you to receive a Schein. Once you have all your Scheine we can use them to issue a transcript for you. Your lecturers can use this template to issue a Schein in case they don't have their own.   

Please note that you will NOT automatically get a transcript at the end of your of studies at TU Berlin. You have to request it!

So if you want a transcript instead of taking home a pile of "Scheine" please fill in this form:

Then come to our office with the completed transcript form and all your "Scheine" to have your transcript signed and stamped. 

Please note! Exchange students who started studying at TU Berlin from winter semester 2021/22 on will have to request the issuance of their transcript through Mobility-Online by uploading all the "Scheine" they received. Also, for those students the filling in and provding of the transcript form is no longer necessary! 


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