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PROMOS scholarships are intended for TUB students of all academic disciplines. Doctoral candidates may only apply for scholarships covering language and specialized courses (Summer / Winter Schools). Further information are available from TU DOC.

Application is open to all regular TU Berlin students enrolled in BA, MA and state examination (Staatsexamen) programs who

  • a.) have German citizenship
  • b.) are equal to German nationals pursuant to Section 8, subsection 1, item 2 ff, subsection 2a and 3 of BAföG (in this context the exact wording of the law is binding and can be found at www.das-neue-bafoeg.de) 
  • c.) as non-German students and university graduates are enrolled in a German university with the intention of completing their degrees or obtaining their doctorates from a German university.

Candidates in categories b.) and c.) may not apply for stays in their countries of origin. Country of origin is defined in this context as the country constituting the central focus of the student's life; nationality is of secondary consideration.

Funding can only be provided if there is no travel warning from the German Federal Foreign Office for the region in question.

Completed applications including all relevant documents must be handed in at the information desk of Student Mobility and International Students within the relevant deadline.

The maximum period of funding for any phase of studies is six months.


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