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Study Abroad

The Technische Universität Berlin has agreements with more than 300 foreign universities at which students can study.  In general participation in an exchange programme is linked to a scholarship and the waiver of tuition fees abroad.  The length of stay varies from three to twelve months, depending on the programme.
Further information about the individual countries

  • Europa / Erasmus [1]
  • Overseas [2]
Information in the Infothek of the International Office in the Campus Center
• Scholarship programmes of the TU Berlin
• Reports by TU students studying abroad
• Material about the partner universities
Office Hours in the Campus Center

From the time being, our office is available by phone or email only!

Tuesday  9.30-12.30
Thursday 9.30-12.30

For individual counselling in H41a-c make an appointment in the Infothek at the Campus Center
Important Deadlines [3] [4]

Study abroad is financed by a number of institutions such as the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), the EU Commission (Erasmus), the Fulbright Scholarship Programme, The German-French University (DFH) and the TU Berlin’s TUB-Direct Exchange Programme.  These scholarship programmes vary in their philosophies, the types of scholarships, the selection procedures, the application forms and the application deadlines.   Needless to say, any student can plan and study abroad as they wish without participating in these programmes.  The International Office gives advice on living abroad, provides information on university systems and types as well as on admissions requirements and the recognition of academic achievements.  It also names places to contact along with institutions offering scholarships and grants and makes a wide assortment of informative material available.


Lupe [5]

ERASMUS-Bewerbungsinfo [6]


Lupe [7]


DAAD Broschüre-Förderungsmöglichkeiten

Lupe [8]

DAAD Broschüre-Förderungsmöglichkeiten für Deutsche

DAAD Broschüre-Wege ins Auslandspraktikum

Lupe [9]

DAAD Broschüre-Wege ins Auslandspraktikum

Broschüre-Wo ich wurde was ich bin

Lupe [10]

Broschüre-Wo ich wurde was ich bin [11]

COVID-19 Information for International and Exchange Students

  • Information provided by the Office of Student Mobility & International Students [12]
  • General TU Berlin Information for the digital SS2021 [13]

Our Current Walk-In Hours

  • Walk-In Hours [14]





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